Two words common, hardware and software

types of hardware

game console


People used to just call video games 'my Nintendo' or 'my Playstation', and people do that still today, but using the console name 'my Switch' or 'my PS4' is considered standard. Types of video games

video game

computer game

mobile game

video game is a game you play on your TV. Computer games are games on PC and MAC, and mobile games are phone and tablet games In Korean 게임을 하다' but in English the verb we use is 'play'. So we can make sentences like

I play video games.

I like to play video games.

I often play computer games

She plays mobile games on the bus.

Common expressions

Do you know when … comes out?

Have you played (…) yet?

Do you know if (…) is any good?

to come out is 출시하다


One question you may often hear is

What kind of games do you like?

In this case it's common to reply with 'I like (genre)'. Let's look at some common genres.




RPG (Role Playing)






So we can respond to the question as follows

Example 1

What kind of games do you play?

I like to play platformers?

Example 2

What kind of games do you like?

I like RPGS.

Example 3

What are your favorite types of games?

I love Adventure games like (Zelda).

We can add like '…' at the end of a sentence to give an example to compare with the genre. For example, 'I like platformers like Mario' or 'I like RPGs like Pokemon'. This is also a very useful pattern when talking about other media (music, movies, books).

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